chora: the human conditioned

danah bella.  Photo by Patrick Vickers.

danah bella. Photo by Patrick Vickers.

This performance is built around a solo dancer working within a confined space while the sound she makes with her body in the space is fed into a continuously accumulating loop.

In this way the movement and sound constitute a mutual feedback system that evolves from a slow, labored rhythm to a gong-like reverberant drone. By means of this design we investigate how a subject’s behaviors are reflected back to her with increasing distortion by ambient social forces in which her identity is defined. In particular we are interested in gender construction and the cyclic structure of time women experience through the gendered division of labor. This dance holds in tension a technologized sound apparatus and a physical embodiment, as a way of exploring from both ends at once a dialogue between scientific rationalism and its archetypal other, bodily movement.

View photo montage w/soundtrack excerpt.

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