in the memory of hope

Liz Canfield, in the memory of hope, Black Mountain College Conference on John Cage, October 2011.

In this generative movement and sound performance/installation we investigate the possibility of welcoming a stranger into our fold. The sound and movement installation/performance embodies the improvisational gesture in the design of the space and in the movement that conducts a dialogue between the responsive materials and the bodies of the performers.

The dancer’s movement generates a responsive soundscore by triggering sensors arrayed under a 12 x 16’ mat.  These velocity-sensitive piezo elements send voltage signals to a MIDI controller, which plays preprogrammed sounds.  Though the movement emerges from group improvisation, the sound incorporates generative and chance aspects by blinding the performers to the instrument interfaces:  the specific placement of the sensors, and their mappings onto triggered sounds, is be determined on-site and not repeated in any rehearsal.  So the dancers’ engagement with sound is a process of chance discovery in the moment, in the space.


Moving Collective, Louisville, KY
Triskelion Arts Collaborations in Dance Festival, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
ReVIEWING Black Mountain College 3, Asheville, NC

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